Ageless woman over 50

Is it a “Magical” New Year Yet?

“Have a magical New Year.” When I typed these words on my Instagram photo collage I laughed until I snorted at this piece of over-the-top confection. “Magical” is a bit much, right?  Well…actually, it’s not. Not if you tame your definition of what “magical” is: 


Like surprising my liver with a glass of water (unusual). Or actually cooking an international meal from semi-scratch when I’m the one who uses the oven as off-season storage for sweaters (miraculous). Or sticking to my daily morning intention to “say yes more than no and give more than take” — and not just with tequila and oral (imaginary!).

So, hell yeah, I’m off to a magical AF year! I’m still going to create another hopeful, big-ass vision board of slick and colorful old-magazine images I’ll cut out and glue to cheap poster board this month, as the requisite goal-setting rite of the new year. I’m still going to keep working my “big plans” for the future, in one-, three-, and five-year increments. There’s power in that, after all, and I’m good at it.

But there’s magic in stepping off plan and just seeing what little things happen.  Here’s to a magical 2021.


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