A Reimagined Life

What does it mean to reimagine your life in midlife? For me, it meant giving myself permission to be happy, and then changing the life I was living so I could live a life I love. A life that feels authentic to the person I am.

Some of the changing was big and scary. Like leaving my second career of teaching and retiring solo at 59. Or traveling around the world solo for 70 days. Others were small and scary. Like starting this blog. And still others were big fun and mind-expanding. Like taking classes and learning new skills.

I’ve been learning about making bourbon since May, as a 61-year-old whiskey intern. I proposed an unpaid, 12-week “Midlife Reimagined Apprenticeship” to a local distillery, and instantly took on the bourbon geek label. Today is the last day of my internship, though not the last of my days at the distillery. I’ve learned so much, and am looking forward to continued partnerships. My journey from blackboard to bourbon isn’t over yet.

All images from thehotgoddess.com retired_rewired_inspired.

Happy Friday, all. May your imagination run loose, your mind stay open, and your heart dwell in never-ending possibilities.

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  1. I love this! I think women don’t often look in themselve for happy. They see happy all around them and that makes everything good. By making some changes for me, everyone is still happy and I’m now great… does that make sense? LOL

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    • Thank you so much for your support! You’re right…I don’t know why we women seem to be more willing to stay unhappy. Perhaps because we tell ourselves that everyone else’s happiness is more important than our own. It took me way too long to make different choices.

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  2. Yay that is wonderful and you go. We are never too old to try new things as we are life long learners and good for you to dare and take a step into that direction. Feel proud and empowered, following your calling. At 57 I understand about some of those scary changes and my transition started 3 years ago. The scariest things often lead to the most beautiful destinations.
    Namaste 💙🙏🏼

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