Midlife Made-Up Word

Bounderay ~ Made-Up Word Monday

If you’re a regular reader here or on my Instagram page, you know I like to make up words. “Trumpectomy” and “Back-to-normaling,” for example. Every Monday I’ll feature a new word here for open minds. Any suggestions? Would love those, too.


Today’s made-up word is bounderay (n): a barrier that serves to limit one’s exposure to assholes, established as soon as asshole behavior is revealed.

Derived from: bounder (an obtrusive, reprehensible, or ill-bred man; cad) + boundary (a real or imaginary point beyond which a person or thing cannot go) + ray (a beam of light; line of sight)

Sometimes, however, a bounderay is unheeded and supplemental fortification is needed.

(Please note this is for entertainment purposes only, and not a commentary on any sweetie, past or present.)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know in the comments.

All images are my own.

The Hot Goddess


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  1. You have a real talent for making up these words. I’m terrible at it but remember one from years ago that a friend made up — “Hussified.” It is a combo of hussy and modified. She hussified the skirt by raising the hemline. 😄

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