Alibience ~ Monday’s Midlife Made-Up Word

If you’re a regular reader here or on my Instagram page, you know I like to make up words. “Trumpectomy” and “Back-to-normaling,” for example. Every Monday I’ll feature a new word here for open minds. Any suggestions? Would love those, too.


Today’s made-up word is alibience (n): an excuse used by introverts to get out of being around people.

Derived from alibi (a justification or defense of some failure or offensive behavior) + abience (an impulse to withdraw from or avoid a situation or an object).


Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know in the comments.

All images are my own.

The Hot Goddess

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  1. Great word! It’s sometimes confused with “alibivalence”. A noun, combining alibi and ambivalence. Combining the need for a justification or defense of some failure or offensive behavior and the state of having mixed feelings/contradictory ideas about something or someone.

    Alibivalence ensured that I had a reasonable explanation for why I didn’t give a flying f$%k about the emotional attachment he had for his ripped high school jeans…that I threw out.

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  2. πŸ’œ Auratically InCompatible; personally I THINK!!! We ARE basically split and ARE compartmentalised in to Three Categories EveryOne…the Three ARE InAuthentic, Neutral and Authentic; ergo Authentics and InAuthentics DON’T GET ON!!! while The Neutrals ARE Diplomats Dissipating and Dissolving Conflicts Betwixt InAuthentics and Authentics…so My “Made Up Word” is Auratic and it’s Derivatives; in essence Auratic is an adjective describing The Type of a persons Aura from Auratic Doom and Gloom to Auratic Love, Peace and Joy EveryBody…ergo, Energy is a Funny Old Thing especially in The Context of Energy Exchange; either UpLifting and Fair or Draining and Vampiric Energy Exchange



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