4 Totally Stupid Signs of Intelligence, According to Experts

This is a perfect break from the introspection, discovery, and life lessons I’ve been posting about lately.

I’ve noticed my news feeds have included various recycled articles about how to tell if you’re smart. I assume this is because we’ve been stuck at home in a pandemic for a year and need something to feel good about and validate our self-worth. OK. It’s Friday and I’m down for some feel-good. It turns out there is some science behind these dubious claims, and it’s almost as high on the feel-good meter as when scientists confirmed the health benefits of wine and chocolate.

1. Laziness equals intelligence. Yep. It’s official. In the Journal of Health Psychology, researchers from Florida Gulf Coast University (the Florida Gulf Coast of beaches and sunbathing… I’m just sayin’) published findings that folks with high IQs don’t get bored easily, and therefore spend more time sitting around thinking instead of doing. This may be better than the wine/chocolate studies.

I took this photo while lounging lazily in a cabana by the ocean in Mexico.

2. Daydreaming means you have a big brain. A Georgia Institute of Technology study published in the journal Neuropsychologia found daydreaming is a sign of intelligence and creativity. According to a co-author of the study, “People with efficient brains may have too much brain capacity to stop their minds from wandering.” Yeah. That.

Hazy morning sun over the lake.
The stuff of daydreams. I could stare out at the lake and changing sky all day. I shot this hazy morning sun earlier in the week.

3. Swearing is smart AF. The journal Language Studies published findings showing people who swear have larger vocabularies than those who don’t. You’re sh*tting me. Really? That is counterintuitive as hell, but I’ll take it. This is hands-down my favorite of the four.

The mug of a genius
The mug of a genius

4. A sense of humor indicates intelligence, and the darker the humor the better. Intelligent people laugh at the f*cked-upness (there’s probably a study somewhere that shows making up words is boss-smart, too) of life. Smart people get and like sick jokes, according to a study published in the journal Cognitive Processing.

Smart humor? (source unknown)

Who knew that being a cussing, lazy, and twisted daydreamer just means you’re smart? This is great to know if your weekend plans feature extended periods of couch time and staring into space while binge-watching dark comedies and swearing. Now if I could only find the study equating a love of bourbon and crunchy peanut butter with wealth and longevity, I’d have it made. Happy Friday!


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