More Fun Dating Observations

I love midlife dating. Seriously. I’m more confident and have had more fun. My NGAF has increased, making everything a bit more relaxed. The stages of dating relationships definitely change as we get older, and I’ve also observed our problem-solving changes as well. In our 20s — and even as late as 50s for some singles — we have a whole research cycle we go through in attempts to solve emerging dating problems. By 60? Not so much.

I’ve created more handy charts to illustrate this point. Today’s Fun Friday dating graphics (just in time for weekend obsessing) show how our research cycle changes with age when faced with a common dating complaint.

Prior to midlife, problems with the
person you’re dating can lead to
a research cycle like this.
But once we hit that sweet midlife spot…
…the research cycle shortens considerably, due to increasing NGAF levels in midlife and after.
If it’s a long-term dating relationship and GAF levels are relatively high, then Stage 4 of the cycle will include simply asking him what’s going on before reaching the final Conclusion stage.

That’s it. The joy of midlife dating. Have fun, keep an open mind, ask a direct question if you want to know something, move on if it’s not working. And while we all can benefit from working to change a negative behavior as part of self-improvement, changing who you are in an attempt to keep a dating relationship is never a good idea.

Cheers to a weekend that finds you smiling and embracing your authentic self.

Photo credit: The backyard sunset featured image at the top of this post was taken by a long-term sweetie I met through online dating at 59. While our relationship has evolved, neither of us has changed one bit and he continues to be a cherished part of my life.

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    • Now Brad, I know you could have no shortage of dates if you wanted. Walk in your favorite woods together for a macro photo shoot among the trees, flowers, and fungi. If nothing else, you’ll have done something you enjoy whether there’s a next date or not. Happy weekend, Brad!😊☀️📷🌺

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