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Can You Be Too Happy?

Nothing can kill your morning “I’m a badass” happy buzz like finding unsolicited but targeted-to-you ads for bladder leak panties in your Instagram feed. What the hell? Don’t they know I’m trying to convince myself I’m an ageless goddess? Why did they target me now? Have I breached the audacity threshold by exhibiting too much happiness for my age? Am I now being reminded of my place, and to stay in my (slow-moving, soggy) lane?

Really, bitch? I am was not worried. I am was already confident.
Where are the VIBRATING panties?

I really want to know where the f*ck are the ads for VIBRATING panties? I wrote about remote-controlled vibrating panties, people. Send me those ads in my feed. Keep your damn pee panties! Need ’em or not, I sure as hell don’t want my heading-into-the-weekend Friday goddess groove f*cked to hell by reminders of incontinence. Please, just keep feeding me the ads for booty-boosting yoga pants, Etsy beaded ankle bracelets, and bohemian hippy rub-on tattoos. I’m even OK with you sprinkling in a few ads here and there for “arousal serum” and hot flash supplements if you must. But keep your diaper panties out of my feed. Do not mess with my precious badass-bitch happy vibe.

What my Friday happy vibe was looking like before being reminded I pee my pants every time I sneeze.

They obviously haven’t read the study showing I’m supposed to be filled with glee and optimism. My (formerly) happy vibe is normal and to be expected. That’s right. According to the folks at Happify, Americans 60 and older are happier than people younger than 60. “As people age their tendency to have a negative outlook actually decreases.” Maybe all the other over-60 women are happier because they’re dry thanks to snapping up a pair of perky pee panties off Instagram, but that’s not doing it for me.

Maybe, IG, if you’d start the ads rolling for vibrating panties there’d be a lot more happy floating around sooner for everyone of all ages. Just saying.

Is there such a thing as too happy? Not delusional or manic — we know that’s not good — but just happier than you should be given the circumstances. Do we need reminders of our problems from spying marketers, to keep us in check?

I don’t know why this got under my skin, but it did. Maybe because I peed my pants in third grade? I was standing in front of the entire class, holding the flag and leading the Pledge of Allegiance, after my teacher refused to let me go to the restroom. Geez. Try living that down in elementary school. I know I’m taking this personally, which I wrote will sabotage happiness… Wait…

Ah…that’s it. I’m sabotaging my own happy vibe. Maybe I’m the one subconciously thinking I’m too happy. I’m the one telling myself to stay in my lane. Damn. I’m recognizing this pattern now.

Do you ever do this to yourself? Get triggered by something tiny and meaningless, and then use it as an excuse to deflate your own happiness buzz? WTF is up with that?

Well nope, not this time. Get back here you badass goddess happy vibe. Screw those IG ads. We still have noise to make.

Oops. I feel a sneeze coming on…

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  1. I think you’re onto something. I don’t think this is silly and if it pissed u off this much, it’s meaningful. That thing you said about society trying to keep older women from thriving by reminding them of their age constantly is true. I’m so interested in exploring how society tells us the crone is this disgusting thing. Hell no, the crone is wise and magical and knows shit that no one else does. She’s powerful and beautiful, but there’s a smear campaign in constant effect so we start to believe it. I love that you’re happy and free and angry and alive. F the rest! xo 💕🦋🦄

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  2. Loved this. I understand your trepidation towards leaking. I wrote a blog on the subject myself a few months ago. We over 60 women ARE happier. But it certainly is easy to self sabotage. We let things get into our heads and reek havoc. We need to kick it all out and stay happy. Good for you. Keep it it.

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  3. I can really relate to the part of this about allowing even the smallest of things to trigger you and take you away from your happy vibe. I’ve had to readjust my thinking on so many things it is so easy to allow something, someone or even a silly algorithm to make you feel unworthy, ugly or old….you name it. So, I agree that we have to really be in charge of redirecting our own energy because there are so many negative things that are going to try to bring us into some sort of ‘vacuum of sadness’ if you well. Another great post. Thanks so much Natalie for reminding me to always stay true to my higher self.

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    • You are an inspiration, my friend❤. It sounds like you have really taken charge of being self-aware and in control of your thoughts. Very wise. I have gotten somewhat better but have a long way to go. Thank you for being supportive and encouraging as I make my way in baby steps.😊😘


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