Bourbon tasting

Tasting Notes and Dating Revelations

As a whiskey intern I am currently learning how to do sensory evaluations of bourbon. The tasting notes can be quite detailed, and the process has — for me — applicable takeaways for dating and meeting people. Cleanse your palate. Keep an open mind. Give it a chance to open up. Reserve judgment until the third sip.

So, back by popular demand, my Fun Friday handy dating infographics have returned, this time inspired by bourbon tasting.

What’s Good for Drinking…

I have a lot of experience drinking bourbon, but not tasting it for a sensory evaluation. That takes patience and an open mind. You don’t start to evaluate until you’ve cleansed your palate, and taken three sips. Before taking the first sip you look at and smell the bourbon. You don’t make any judgment on the first sip because your tongue is just getting used to the alcohol. You chew the second sip to open up the flavor in your mouth. On the third sip you start noting contrasts.

Whiskey intern homework
I’m loving this “Contrasts” section for evaluation of people, too.

…Is Good For Dating

I started thinking (after many, many sips of bourbon) these bourbon-tasting steps could be adapted and applied to dating. Check this out:

Cleanse your palate of any old relationship crap and expectations. Keep an open mind. Give a connection a chance to open up. Reserve judgment until the third date.

In our 20s and 30s, our dating palate and nose are not refined.
In our 50s and 60s, we’re at least trying to go for some refinement. #goals

I think I may be on to something. What do you think? I definitely didn’t apply this in my 20s. But in my late 50s and early 60s I changed the way I think about dating, and I’m enjoying it.

I’m really enjoying my bourbon tastings, too. Happy Friday!

All images from retired_rewired_inspired.

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  1. Yeah! It smelled very awful to be honest when I took the first sip. The tongue was not used to it. I had experienced it only two-three times. I don’t get much involved into alcohols. Enjoy your time, Cheers!

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  2. Amazing! Brilliant, love this! Just from my own personal experience, your rules totally applied to my current love. I wasn’t sure about him on first, second, even third date. Had lots of superficial judgements at first but continued to be open. It all changed with the first kiss (taste) on the third date! It was magical and emotional and my perspective completely flipped after that. We’re celebrating 3 years in August and I’ve never been so happy, secure, loved, and in love in a relationship 💖😊 Loved this article!

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  3. I had no idea that these are the kinds of things you’d be learning at Bourbon Summer School; but the knowledge seems invaluable! Love the video.


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