Dreaming Big in Midlife

It hurts to dream big
I am choosing to leave you
I'm letting you down

Opportunity cost is what you give up when you choose one thing over another. Should you be sorry for your choice…be sorry for choosing your dream?

I choose to dream big 
I choose to change in midlife
I am not sorry

What if it hurts people you love? Is a choice wrong if it’s not what important people want it to be? Is a choice worth the tears…the sadness…the guilt?

I have permission 
To change the life I'm living
To love a new life

Does the other side of choosing to change your life make up for the wreckage left behind?

Changing in midlife
Is hard, with more to let go
But less time to lose

Lisbon, Portugal
Sintra, Portugal

All images are my own.

The Hot Goddess

On Instagram: retired_rewired_inspired

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  1. Powerful thoughts behind the words. I was thinking about the hurting of loved ones. Could their hurt sometimes be self-inflicted because they couldn’t dream as big as you or perhaps selfish because they couldn’t let you go? Just more thoughts to contemplate. Beautiful photos to accompany a beautiful post. 🥰😊🤩

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  2. Thought provoking. And this post actually reminds of Amanda Gorman’s poetry. You’re talking about the kind of life decisions that have “fallout”. To divorce or not to divorce; ultimately either choice will have lasting repercussions on the kids. To take a more fulfilling job for less money; thereby changing your family’s standard of living. A smart friend once told me that if you’re making these kinds of decisions, where someone else is going to potentially be miserable, choose the one that makes you happy. Not because they’ll “get over it”. But because you’ll be able to help them “get over it” in a positive and loving way. As humans, we can’t help others forward if we are selves are stuck, cranky, and resentful.

    They call them life changing decisions for a reason…they’re freaking hard! Enjoy Portugal!

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    • Ah, Cynthia…such meaningful context here. You’re absolutely correct, of course. I’ve had to make some of these same “fallout” decisions. Then, though, I felt my actions were for the greater good. This time, I’m acting for my own good. I resent the criticism of others, while criticizing myself. I know I’m doing what I need and want to do, and I’m truly excited and happy about what’s to come. I just get a bit wobbly sometimes. Thank you for helping put me back on solid ground.

      And now I’m going to make a cup of my favorite Earl Grey tea and bask in the glow of hearing my post reminded you of Amanda Gorman’s poetry. Oh my goodness. Thank you for that too!


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