Healing Verse in Midlife

Resentment hides here
Unfairly rearing its head
Memories add fuel

Strained relationship 
Complicated emotions
A strange history

Love should not feel like
Constant criticism of
Not measuring up

She's a good mother
Everyone here makes mistakes
Her daughter's good too

She can't express need
And I cannot express mine
I am her daughter

I watched her sleeping
Curled up in such small stillness
I know I love her

I saw my mother this morning

Sleeping in her bed
Curled up into herself
Alone and small and still
She looked frail, weak, defenseless

My heart swelled
I held her hand, bony and warm
My other hand resting on her shoulder
I kissed her cheek, a cushion of soft skin

I wanted to protect her and let her know she is loved
“I love you,” I said
I love my mother
Then, so much

She opened her eyes, cloudy and unfocused
Looking at me, trying to see, waking slowly
Almost child-like, she seemed needy then
Warrior stance not yet assumed

I saw my mother this morning

All images are my own.

The Hot Goddess

Instagram: retired_rewired_inspired

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  1. 💜 The Only WorthWhile Relationship is with Me, MySelf, I and Loving Who I AM EveryOne; others ARE Incidental and don’t really matter that much at ALL EveryBody, Pretty Psychopathic Really


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  2. Sad yet beautiful! Life’s such a fleeting changing thing. As our parents age and their bodies get frailer, all the hurt we’ve experienced still lies deep but we’re more inclined to forget, hopefully🙂.

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  3. There’s something about this line “I saw my mother this morning” that conveys a deep sense of awareness; a rekindling of a special relationship between mother and daughter. A beautiful write and healing verse, indeed. ❤

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  4. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    💎 I AM a First Born Son Mothering My Mom 👩 EveryOne; it’s Kinda Wierd but as a Psychopath I Totally Accept I AM NOT!!! Normal and My Marvellous Mom Deserves Discipline 😋😛😜🤪😝🤗 …more seriously though EveryBody Mothers 👩 Have a Really Tough Gig especially in The Absence of a Supportive Father 👨 who may or may NOT!!! Be a Husband but is a Friend who Shares Parental Stuff; in short Sex Sucks (pun intended) but Sex is a Driving Force that is:

    ♠️ 1. Energetic Exchange
    ♠️ 2. Reproduces Horrible Little Brats that Hang on Tits and Get Pissed Off 😤 😒 😑 🙄 😐 🤣 😤 when The Tit is WithDrawn
    ♠️ 3. Faked, False and Fraudulent

    …in Summary, Sex Fucks Us Up especially Mothers Envy and Jealousy around Dads Little Princess; yet We Can Recover and Genuinely, Authentically and Honestly Move On to Waiting for Our Soul Spouse to Announce HerSelf ‘cos Girls ARE Fucked Up in The Head until They Sort Their Mental Health Shit Out by Confronting Their Female Biological Progenitor aka MOTHER DEAREST!!!…

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎


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