Texpiration ~ Monday’s Midlife Made-Up Word

If you’re a regular reader here or on my Instagram page, you know I like to make up words. “Trumpectomy” and “Back-to-normaling,” for example. Every Monday I’ll feature a new word here for open minds. Any suggestions? Would love those, too.


Today’s made-up word is texpiration (n): the point at which too much time has elapsed to reply to an ignored text message.


Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know in the comments.

All images are my own.

The Hot Goddess

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  1. I have a friend who does not seem to get notified of her text messages regularly (not sure how this is possible, but I believe her). Her phone is a different “fruit” than mine, so 🤷‍♀️. She is very responsive otherwise. So no texpiration date for her but for anyone else, I think an (extraordinary) day at the very most is believable that they just haven’t seen it yet/don’t have their phone on them.


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    • Thank you for commenting, Deb!💜 I am guilty of this. I can be a selective responder, especially in a dating scenario when an ex randomly “checks in” at 1AM, or with a needy person. E.g., I see his 23rd text of the morning, deem it unimportant, and choose to ignore it. Rude, I know. I’m working on the tolerance thing. Other times I’m a forgetful responder. I see the text but can’t reply at the moment, and intend to text back later but forget. Friends and family always understand. Dating partners…not so much. My bad.

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  2. This gave me a good chuckle! I’m usually pretty good at responding to text messages but I do sometimes end up finding ones that I’ve ignored for months. In this case, I just respond then. It happens, good friends don’t care. Better friends text me sooner saying HELLLOOOOOOO are you going to respond!!!

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  3. I just like the sound of this word! And it’s a good one – although as you have noted in the comments, a little variable based on the relationship. Funny how so much of the onus has shifted from the day when we called and there were no answering machines so the caller had to keep trying until we reached someone. Now, we lob something over the airwaves and it’s the recipient who has the burden of replying before the texpiration! 🙂

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