A New Day

A new day starts now

I choose what it will give me

Lessons for living

Skyline at sunrise over Lake Erie.
Photo: Natalie Wester

We may not be able to control all the events of our day, but we can control how we choose to see, process, and use those events. There are good lessons to be learned in everything if we can open our eyes, mind, and heart. Not always easy, to be sure. But I’m choosing what I receive. It’s another good day.


    • So perceptive as usual, Claudette 💜! Being grateful for good and bad experiences because they all help me learn and grow is part of my daily gratitude “meditation” since January. But recently I’ve caught myself complaining about a minor health issue I thought was resolved, and how the pain was making it hard to do what I wanted to do (type/write, long walks, sleep, lifting…) I had to remind myself that this is my body teaching me what it needs. Not good, really, but instructive. Now I just need to listen, lol.
      Thank you for this comment, love. I have a lot to catch up on in your blog! 😘❤


  1. Thank you. Yesterday did not go according to plan. In many ways. I know in my sorrow and my disappointment that a new day – today as it always has – will come. It did. I feel better now… well a little bit better. Lol.

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  2. It’s not about getting what want; It’s about wanting what you’ve got. – Allanis Morrisett Alternately, you can’t control how people treat you; but you can control your reaction to them. – Eleanor Roosevelt

    Great photos

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