Cracking Up in 2022

This is only the second Friday of 2022, and already the year is off to a rib-tickling start. I don’t know if it’s because I’m an over-60, midlife woman who’s seen first-hand how short life really is — or because I’ve been happily solo retired for going on three years — but I find myself smiling and laughing at little things so much more these days.

Of course I have down moments. Like everyone, I feel sadness or disappointment at times. Once, last year, I actually cried tears. This was an occurence so rare that on a whim I grabbed my phone and started weirdly snapping photos of my snotty crying in process. Bizarre, I know. I wanted to capture what it looked like so I could remember what it felt like. I ended up turning the images into computerized “artwork,” and published them in my post All is Well.

But that was autumn 2021. Since then, I’ve had more reason than not to find the humor in everyday living, despite the obvious challenges we’re all facing. I wrote about fun in last week’s post, after reading the book The Power of Fun, by Catherine Price. For me, laughter is a huge part of fun, so if I’m cracking up at silly stuff more often, that means I’m having fun more often. Who can’t be happy about that?

This Week’s Laughs

Just this week, five unexpected, random, and simple things made me laugh out loud. That’s a laugh a day so far. Best part is, they were all free. The funniest stuff always is.


This is on a truck parked near where I live. I’d seen it once before, but now the truck is back and has been parked along my walking route every day. What happens when someone honks? Does this vehicle move over? Transform into a literal “dump” truck? Is poop privilege a thing on roadways now? What if you have to pee?


When your Portuguese language learning app just knows you, you can’t help but laugh. Hard exercise? Ha! Duolingo knew I would get this one right. Learning is a blast with relevant content.


What?? When a friend texted me this crazy chart I nearly choked on my wine when I started laughing. This is an actual website (yes, I checked). Who are these Authentic Women? Holy Moly!


I had to laugh at this because it is so me. I’m a logistics person not an emotions person. I do feel emotion deeply, but rarely show it visibly, and become very uncomfortable if someone does. Getting stuff done…that’s my lane. Start crying and I’ll run out for tequila, toilet paper, and lightbulbs.
Is anyone else like this?
(A fellow Aquarian shared this; I don’t know the source.)


Beaton at Becoming the Muse made me laugh with this list of new old resolutions in his entertaining blog post yesterday. I can so relate to his edits as he updates the list each year, can’t you? That’s why I now just focus on these three things every new year.

That’s it for now, dear readers. What about you? What made you laugh this week? Here’s hoping your weekend finds you chuckling.

The Hot Goddess


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  1. What I lovely post, I needed this. #1
    Is my favorite!! 🤣 I also definitely laughed at some TV/movies this week although I can’t think of which now. Here’s to hoping I start laughing more in the coming weeks! I look forward to being where you are 🌸🌞

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  2. Well thank you for a wonderful laugh this morning! I also love humor and truly enjoyed this post! The poop tag made laugh out loud and yes, who are the “women” on the “chart”? Wishing you a fabulous Friday full of funny things! Best Wishes! Leigh

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the laughs and smiles Natalie. I could use more humor in my life as I tend to take things too seriously. I’m surprised to hear that you are uncomfortable with emotions, and I want to see those crying photos. I’ll bring toothpaste! 😀

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  4. Haha, thanks for the laugh and keep flashing that beautiful smile of yours! I am also learning Portuguese on Duolingo, but they haven’t offered me more wine yet…and yeah, about crying emotional people I usually come up with more solutions and less hugs. I’m still working on it.

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  5. I am a Pisces but I totally relate to the “I got you some toothpaste” meme…. Crying people make me awkward like ok can you walk it off? Is there anything you need done, anybody you need killed… No ok I’ll just be over there until its safe to come out cause your pain has become mine…

    AH I love to see I made the list!!!!! them resolutions are a riot


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  6. Ha, ha, ha! I love all the great comments with funny moments in addition to yours. What a great community you’ve built.

    I have a friend who’s dog is always getting on the couch. He’s put stools on the couch, pillows, nothing works to keep the80lb. dog off. So this week he sent me a picture of his couch with two towels on one side of it, the dog on the non-towel side with the text, “Argus and I have a new system for the couch: I put towels on his half and then he lays on my side.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Wynne, for this beautiful and supportive comment!❤ I’m grateful to be part of a community with you.
      I laughed at your dog-on-the-couch story because I immediately thought of my struggle with this when my Maxie was alive. She did the same thing as your friend’s dog. Sometimes she would remove the towels and drop them at my feet — wherever I was in the house — in a hysterical act of defiance. Thank you for the laugh, and heartwarming memory.

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  7. You’re post right here made me laugh as it always does, as did B’s list of resolutions because I follow him as well. There are YouTube jokester that make me laugh on the daily… especially gilstrap tv (fart jokes)

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