Inappropriate Midlife Humor

Most midlife women I know have a stash of greeting cards they’ve purchased. Some are bought just to have on hand. Others bought with a person or upcoming event in mind, but for whatever reason — memory lapse, lack of postage stamp, or change in circumstance — the cards are never sent. For this last Fun Friday post of January 2022, I figured I’d close out the month with a continuation of my laughable moments theme, and share some cards from my stash. Most of these cards have not yet been mailed because I decided they were “inappropriate” for one reason or another. They all make me laugh, though, and I’m just waiting for the right occasion and recipient.

over 50 women
Spring Break!

Happy Holidays

Inappropriate teacher birthday card #2

These last two cards are not at all inappropriate. I’m including them here just because I think they’re perfect.

A birthday card made for little brothers

A card made for me

What about you? Do you keep a stash of greeting cards on hand? Are you holding on to any that make you laugh, but you had second thoughts about sending because they might be “inappropriate?” All these cards make me smile, and that’s always appropriate as far as I’m concerned.

Happy Friday! May this last weekend in January find you smiling.

The Hot Goddess


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  1. I love it when you make me laugh at myself! I have a 2 inch stack of cards that have been “Boughton and Forgotten”! I mean well, but like you and your various reasons, mine never got sent either!


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  2. Define inappropriate! I loved them all. Thanks for sharing. I actually stopped buying and sending cards. The environmentalist in me has banned them as many aren’t recyclable. The only person who gets a card from me is my mother, and none of the mom cards say what I want to say. Too much mush and not enough honesty. I try to love my mother but I don’t always like her.

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  3. Your cards me laugh, smile and laugh again. Love the one of not ending a sentence with a preposition, hilarious! 😀 The only cards I send are mostly happy ones, for special occasions, with bits of my poetry. Talk about self-promotion! 🙂

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  4. Omg these are great! And seriously if you don’t plan to send that icky poos one to anyone, I’ll take it off your hands! I def have someone in mind for that one 🤣 I also love the siblings strangle one, it’s almost a little too close to home 😬 Such a fun post, thanks Goddess, and enjoy your weekend 🌺

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  5. Oh my gosh. I relate. I had a collection of cards I love until just a few weeks ago when we moved across country and downsized to a small apartment. It was really hard to give them up. I hope someone gets as much joy giving them as I had collecting them.

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    • Oh Michelle, I know! I downsized and moved, getting rid of 60% of my stuff. But I kept the card collection! Nuts!🤪 When I move to Portugal later this year I will have to clean out my stash, but these I will keep for myself. Thanks so much for reading and sharing!💜

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